This new service covers both supply chain digitization—as a way to take full advantage of the latest advances in technology—and the design and deployment of new digital services. The offering builds on Hardis Group’s existing suite of solutions, which are intended to help logistics departments turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage.

Grenoble, June 19, 2019 — Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has extended its offering with a new service that harnesses the latest advances in technology to boost logistics performance, service quality, and agility. The new supply chain innovation and digitization consulting service builds on the company’s Reflex logistics execution software suite and the Eyesee inventory drone solution.

Digital supply chain: end-to-end support

Hardis Group launched this new consulting service with a clear aim in mind: to help businesses realize the practical benefits of cutting-edge technologies and extract maximum value from the supply chain. Logistics departments can access wide-ranging support spanning strategy, organization, operations, and technology. The service covers all bases, from defining the supply chain strategy through to deploying new digital services, and everything in between: reviewing logistics performance, identifying areas for improvement (organization, processes, flows, etc.), and determining which technologies will create value in terms of customer experience and satisfaction, logistics performance, service quality, agility, and more. There is also a strong emphasis on change management, which is essential to the success of transformation projects such as these.

“Our ambition is become the go-to partner on supply chain innovation and digital transformation for logistics departments everywhere, said Yvan Coutaz, CEO of Hardis Group. “With an extensive network of partners, we’re one of only a handful of providers with the breadth of expertise to be able to offer this kind of service, spanning everything from business and innovation consulting, to digital service development and maintenance, software development, and cloud-based software integration and management.”

Innovation and value creation through digitization

With this new offering, Hardis Group is aiming to accelerate supply chain transformation by helping businesses identify and deploy the right value-creating technologies: AI, machine learning, RPA, connected objects, robots, drones, blockchain, virtual reality, visual recognition, and more. The advice and support will be tailored to the client’s goals and requirements, such as improving planning, sequencing operations in real time, improving traceability, anticipating incidents and non-conformities, or easing management and decision-making. “We identify the technologies and use cases that are likely to deliver tangible gains in logistics performance, then work with our clients to design and develop new digital services that fit their context and business imperatives,” said Nicolas Gallée, Business Consulting Director, Hardis Group.