Available in open source, Reflex TDK allows companies which have developed specific features around Reflex WMS to design functional testing scenarios to execute. Objective: reduce manual tests to control the smooth running of Reflex WMS, especially when delivering new versions of the tool.

Hardis Group, a digital services company and software publisher, unveiled Reflex TDK (Test Development Kit), a new open source module designed to automate Reflex WMS's functional tests in Web version. Aimed at logistics providers and companies that have developed specific features or core models around its warehouse management software, Reflex TDK reduces time and costs related to non-regression tests, especially when delivering Reflex WMS's quarterly updates.

Already used internally by Hardis Group's R&D teams to validate each update of Reflex WMS, the new TDK module aims to allow its customers, especially key accounts, to automate tests by creating and reusing typical scenarios on predefined logistical processes.

Available in open source and published on Gerrit, Reflex TDK is divided into several Java's test libraries, which can be enriched by the users of the module. The contributions are based upon a validation workflow, to verify standard uses or naming rules. In addition to the free module provided to its community of customers, Hardis Group offers remote training and support services for its optimum use.

Hardis Group launches Reflex TDK, a module designed to automate Reflex WMS's functional tests