The partnership formalizes Hardis Group's over 15 years' experience in HP Software application testing solutions.

Hardis Conseil, a consultancy specializing in quality of organizations and information systems, has become an HP Software Silver Partner in the HP Software Solutions Business Class program. The program brings together companies with solutions and/or services which effectively complement HP Software technologies. The partnership formalizes Hardis Conseil's over 15 years' experience in solutions developed by HP Software, the worldwide leader in testing.

Hardis Conseil: a software testing specialist

For over 15 years, Hardis Conseil has provided its customers with end-to-end support in their continuous improvement approaches, from process and information system optimization consulting through to guidance when choosing solutions. The company particularly specializes in setting up centers to industrialize and make testing processes more reliable, including deploying the appropriate tools.

Hardis Conseil teams have developed strong expertise in the solutions in the HP Software Business Technology Optimization (BTO) range, particularly in Quality Center and Application Lifecycle Management suites for creating repositories and automating testing. Experience which is now recognized and formalized by this partnership.

Certification and business

The HP Software Solutions Business program will enable Hardis Conseil teams to access certification training to increase proficiency in HP Software tools but also so they can better advise companies in how to implement and use them. All of Hardis Conseil's testing teams will join the certification program in 2012.

The HP Software Solutions Business Class program also has a business element: the two partners commit to exchanging leads, conducting joint marketing operations and pre-sale processes to develop their respective business areas.

"HP Software teams will be able to count a complementary partner who is able to support its customers both in terms of methodology and implementation of a tool-based testing process as part of a wider organization and information systems continuous improvement strategy," explained Rémy Dujardin, Testing Director at Hardis Conseil.

Hardis Group becomes an HP Software Silver Business Partner in its Solutions Business Class program