• The new partnership will see Hardis Group and Plush & Nuggets design play-based workshops to accelerate strategic, organizational, business, and IT transformation projects. The workshops, games, and events will cater to individual organizations' contexts and imperatives, with ready-to-use deliverables.

• The new offering will leave Hardis Group better placed to help its clients identify and implement solutions that address business challenges by harnessing the capabilities of emerging technologies.

Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, has teamed up with Plush & Nuggets, an agency specializing in playful corporate experiences, to accelerate organizational transformation. The two companies are now working with their clients to design play-based workshops to coincide with key transformation projects. By stimulating collective intelligence, boosting agility and creativity, unlocking potential, and securing buy-in, the workshops will help to accelerate strategic, organization, business and technology projects.

The best way to address big challenges is to play with them

Plush & Nuggets is an agency that specializes in leveraging the benefits of play for organizations. It was founded in 2017 by Laure Dousset and Manea Ruez. "We believe that the best way to address big challenges is to play with them. Play is a way for participants to work towards a goal through a process of trial, error and success", says Laure Dousset, CEO of Plush & Nuggets. These days, businesses need to create the right conditions to accelerate organizational change, stimulate innovation, creativity and agility, foster collaboration, and adopt new digital technologies. That's why Hardis Group and Plush & Nuggets have joined forces to design workshops that help make this acceleration happen.

Driving transformation through play

The workshops are based on four key principles: group sessions designed around collective intelligence, iteration, and unlocking potential through play; facilitators with expertise in using play in the world of business; workspaces that take participants outside their everyday setting and foster team work; and tools designed with the client’s imperatives, requirements, and context in mind.

The two-day workshops—for small teams of 5-10 people or larger groups of 50-100—are arranged at key points in time to help lay the groundwork for a successful transformation project. "The workshops cover a variety of different topics—from creating a corporate vision, devising a roadmap, or unlocking new product or service ideas through creativity, to launching a big new project, building team cohesion around a transformation plan, helping employees get to grips with new technologies or ways of working, and much more besides", explains Rémy Dujardin, Deputy Manager Consultancy, Hardis Group. At the end of the day, participants take away ready-to-use deliverables agreed in advance with the client.

The new workshops have already been trialled by four companies—Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes, Schneider Electric, Economat des Armées, and Plastic Omnium.

About Plush & Nuggets

Logo Plush & Nuggets Plush & Nuggets reinvents how corporate experiences are designed by leveraging the benefits of play for organizations. No matter what the subject, Plush & Nuggets help businesses accelerate their transformation and address their challenges through play.

Plush & Nuggets is about creating a community of people who experiment through play to adopt new ways of working, develop a culture of fun and learning, allow employees to unlock their potential, and create memorable corporate experiences.

Plush & Nuggets was founded in Grenoble in 2017 and is now located in Paris. Its client base already includes around 15 large organizations in France and abroad.

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Hardis Group and Plush & Nuggets join forces to accelerate business transformation through play