The two companies offer businesses a systemic approach to digitizing services, combining strategic, marketing, technological, organizational and human dimensions.

Hardis Group, a service, business software publishing and facilities management company, and Académie du Service, a specialist in training and consultancy for businesses for the development of a service culture and improved customer relations, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership. The two companies will combine their expertise to provide business with end-to-end support in their service digitization strategy.

Digital technology: a "service service"

Value creation is today more about the services that accompany the product than the product itself, with digital technology increasing or even being omnipresent to deliver these services. But digitization is far from being just a matter of tools: in the absence of a clear digital strategy defined upstream, of employee commitment to this strategy, or of deep cultural and organizational changes, the results rarely live up to companies' expectations. "Digitization makes sense only if it is a "service service", meaning at the service of humans, either the client or internal staff", explains Jean-Jacques Gressier, CEO of Académie du Service.

A strategic, organizational, human ... and technological approach

Given this observation, Hardis and Académie du Service companies now offer businesses assistance at all stages of their service digitization projects, from defining a digital strategy in line with the service strategy to conducting internal change, via the development and the integration of new digital services into the information system. This is done using a systemic approach that takes into account all the dimensions associated with this type of business transformation: marketing, cultural, organizational, human and technological.

Complicity and trust between the company, its employees and its customers

Carried forward by staff with complementary cultures (marketing services for Académie du Service and engineering and digitizing services for Hardis), their new offering is based on an approach that aims to create complicity internally between different departments (general, marketing, sales, customer relations, IT, etc.), and also externally between the company, its customers and employees.

The offer covers all the stages of this type of project: defining the service strategy based on the stakes; organizational, technological and human auditing; prioritization of services to be digitalized; IT design of the services in agile mode; deployment and change management of internal staff.

"With this method, we enable our customers to create a fully integrated customer experience, thought out in terms of its human, digital and service components," concludes Yvan Coutaz, Hardis' Executive Vice President.


About Académie du Service

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Académie du Service is the leading business consultancy in France for the development of a service culture and improved customer relations. Founded in 2003, the firm develops expertise in service marketing, management, and behavioral instruction. Its offer to businesses and public services is based on three pillars: service strategy consulting, training in management and customer relation behavior, and running operational projects to strengthen the service culture and the quality of customer relations. The firm has more than 200 prestigious references in France and abroad, in all sectors of activity. - @AcademieService

Hardis Group and Académie du Service partner to assist companies with their service digitizing strategy