By taking a stake in Carrenet, Hardis Group will make good on its ambition to become one of France’s top 5 Salesforce integrators in 2022, with 150 certified employees working on over 300 projects for SMEs, mid-sized firms, and major groups.

Grenoble, Boulogne-Billancourt, March 29, 2022 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, will acquire a majority stake in Carrenet, a Salesforce integrator headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. The external growth operation, which comes five years after the acquisition of Bluetis and Synefo, will equip Hardis Group with 130 Salesforce-certified staff based at offices in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, and Nantes.

Carrenet, founded in 2004, supports SMEs, mid-sized firms, and major groups with customer relationship digitization projects. The firm, which obtained Salesforce certification in 2011, has completed around 100 projects to date in France, ranging between 30 and more than 3,000 users. Carrenet, which achieved revenue of €4.1 million in 2021, employs over 30 people who, together, have obtained more than 100 certifications.

This majority stake* is the latest move in Hardis Group’s ambition to become a major support and transformation partner for mid-sized firms, through the integration of Salesforce’s 360° CRM application. 

With 150 employees having obtained a combined 300-plus certifications across all Salesforce applications by end-2022, Hardis Group aims to become one of the top 5 Salesforce integrators in France and achieve revenue in excess of €18 million in this area of its business.

We continue to pursue ambitious growth plans for our Salesforce business,” said Nicolas Odet, President of Hardis Group. “Since 2017, organic growth has seen our team expand from 30 to 100 people and we’ve completed over 200 projects. We have a solid reputation as an integrator of various Salesforce cloud applications. This merger will provide fresh impetus to our growth in this line of business, equipping us with additional expertise and new sector-specific skills. Our ambition is to become the new go-to name in the Salesforce landscape, and to expand our operations in Europe.

This new, go-to name in the Salesforce landscape is great news for our employees, helping them to expand their reach and innovate in new ways,” said François Papon, co-founder and CEO of Carrenet. “And because Hardis Group shares our people-centered values, the merger will offer consistency for our consultants and our clients.”

*The merger will be finalized once the relevant processes have been completed under French employment law.