With Cloud Studio, Hardis Group offers engineering schools and university IT faculties a free collaborative development environment which is multi-language, multi-database and easy to implement for its students' projects.

Services, business software publishing and facilities management company Hardis Group has unveiled Cloud Studio, its new on-demand collaborative development platform which is provided free of charge to engineering schools and university IT faculties for their students' projects. With Cloud Studio, Hardis provides universities with rapid access to a reliable and professional IT development solution with no investment required.

An agnostic and educational development platform

Based on an Eclipse environment, the Cloud Studio development platform is a tool which adapts perfectly to learning requirements, supporting numerous languages and connection to several database management systems. Delivered in its native form with Open Source tools (Java, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL), it also provides access to proprietary and/or paid solutions.

In addition to technical learning, Cloud Studio also enables students to take a business approach by enabling them to play different roles according to the project: manager, developer, project manager, quality controller, etc. For teaching staff, code review tools are integrated into the platform to facilitate project correction phases.

Free of charge and easy to implement

Cloud Studio is provided to engineering schools and university IT faculties totally free of charge for use in their projects. The Cloud Studio SaaS approach also reduces deployment and maintenance costs for the IS departments of higher education institutions. As it can be accessed remotely, Cloud Studio does not require any new servers or software, network expansion or training in how to use it. It comes pre-packaged, considerably reducing configuration phases.

Despite being free of charge, Cloud Studio is a professional tool which is used by Hardis for its development and third-party application projects. It also benefits from contractual service-level agreements and technical and methodological user support provided by Hardis teams. In the coming months Cloud Studio will also be offered to companies but this time as a paid version.

Hardis Cloud Studio: an on-demand collaborative development environment for engineering students