Anthony Favre, former senior partner at Octo Technology and director of Smile Suisse, is named as director of the new entity.

Hardis Group, a consultancy firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, announces the creation of a subsidiary in Switzerland called Hardis Group Switzerland, based in Geneva. This local presence demonstrates the company's desire to further develop its activities in Switzerland. The new entity is to recruit twenty employees by the end of 2018.

Market-leading cloud platform expertise

In west Switzerland, Hardis Group Switzerland will offer Hardis Group's full range of innovative services, business model transformations and cloud information systems. The new entity will also offer business application co-creation and integration services, using components which are compatible with platforms from Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft Azure. "We have developed a real expertise in these platforms which makes it possible to create agile solutions which respond to the challenges of digital transformation and omni-channel retail. In Switzerland, as in France, we are particularly focused on players within distribution, consumer goods, luxury, banking, insurance and finance, with whom we have developed this business expertise", explains Nicolas Odet, managing director of Hardis Group and president of Hardis Switzerland.

Appointment of Anthony Favre as director

Under the direct responsibility of the entity's president, Nicolas Odet, Anthony Favre has been appointed as director of Hardis Group Switzerland. At 45 years of age, he has fifteen years' experience in developing profit centers, managing technical and sales teams and managing IT development projects. He has a particularly good understanding of the Swiss economic framework, particularly with regards to distribution, banking, finance, insurance and public administration, which he acquired in companies including Octo Technology, Smile, Linalis, Prodata LGI and RDM. Anthony Favre has a DEST (Post-Graduate Diploma in Technology) in Macromolecular Material Physics.

Digital services: Hardis Group creates a subsidiary in Switzerland