Hardis Group has added new functions to its Watthealth business-to-employee connected sports-health app to boost interactivity.

Digital services company and independent software vendor, Hardis Group unveils the new features in Watthealth, its connected sports-health solution. Now compatible with native smartphone health apps, the gaming platform includes new functions for increasing interaction and setting up new challenges among teams.

Promoting physical activity and team building

Hardis Group has added new functions to its Watthealth business-to-employee connected sports-health app to boost interactivity.Originally designed for Hardis Group's internal requirements, as part of its employee wellbeing development program, Watthealth aims to promote regular physical activity, strengthen team building and generalize the use of connected devices.

The principle is simple: a challenge is created for voluntary participants (whether they do regular exercise or go for the occasional walk) organized into teams. The platform consolidates each employee's number of daily steps. The team to take the most steps wins! To make it more fun, a “Watthealth Team” sets team or individual challenges to earn bonus points.

A mobile app shows participants their contribution to the challenge, the ranking of the different teams and the challenges, etc. The competition can also be tracked and broadcast in real time via a web interface (TV screen in the company reception, for example).

Counting steps with smartphones, wristbands or connected watches

Watthealth is already compatible with Withings, Misfit and Fitbit activity trackers to count each participant's number of daily steps, but the new version supports native Health (Apple) and Fit (Google) apps which receive data from the phone, connected watch or wristband pedometer. This new development makes it more universal and reduces costs for the company acquiring the solution.

Even more interactivity: a collaborative feature and new coordinator role

A collaborative feature has been added to the platform to make the challenges even more fun and boost interaction among team members and the different teams as well as with the challenge coordinators.

The app also has a new role: the coordinator. From his/her smartphone, the coordinator can use the collaborative tool to create daily bonuses for the whole challenge or one team in particular (for them to catch up, for example), or to add or remove points from a participant or team for games and activities completed outside the app.

CSR: Watthealth gamifies physical activity and team building