The new gaming and events partnership aims to promote physical activity in the workplace through fun and enjoyment.

Digital services company and software publisher Hardis Group has joined forces with Sébastien Chabal to help promote sport in the workplace. The software developer will work with the former rugby union international to run a series of fun in-house and inter-company challenges and competitions, using Hardis Group’s connected sports-health app, Watthealth.


Nicoals Odet - DG Hardis Group - et Sébastien Chabal - ex-international de rugby à XV
Nicolas Odet - Managing Director Hardis Group - with Sébastien Chabal - Former French international rugby player

Watthealth: boosting physical activity through gaming

A few weeks ago, Hardis Group unveiled its brand new B2E connected sports-health solution to a select group of pilot clients. Dubbed Watthealth, the platform can be used to arrange challenges between staff teams. Participants wear a smart bracelet or watch, which counts their daily steps. The individual and team figures are recorded and tracked via a mobile app. To make the experience more fun, the challenges are run by a “Watthealth Team”, which can change the rules on the fly or introduce new individual or team challenges, giving participants a chance to earn extra points.

Watthealth is intended for people of all ages and fitness levels, from those who do regular exercise to occasional walkers. The app will teach employees about the importance of regular exercise, act as a team-building solution, and bring connected objects to a wider audience.

A natural tie-in with Sébastien Chabal’s other activities

Sébastien Chabal is currently working on a range of activities, including the national fitness program, to develop and promote physical exercise and sport. He is spearheading a public health and social equality campaign, across both the public and private sectors. Under this partnership with Hardis Group, Sébastien will be in charge of the “fun” aspect of Watthealth, attending team-member events to launch in-house challenges for companies using the solution, and managing the challenges in conjunction with the Watthealth Team via the mobile app and social media (new rules and tasks, team challenges, etc.). Every year, companies that have held an in-house challenge will be able to enter a team for the inter-company finals, also led by Sébastien Chabal and the Watthealth Team.

About Sébastien Chabal

Former French international rugby player Sébastien Chabal is now a sports consultant, working frequently for TV channel Canal +. He also uses his reputation and popularity to help develop and promote physical exercise and sport in France. He spearheads a public health and social equality campaign, working with local authorities and consortia, public agencies, private businesses, sports clubs, federations, and other organizations.

Connected sports-health: Hardis Group joins forces with Sébastien Chabal