Do your business applications operate in an AS/400 (iSeries, System i, IBM i) environment? Do you need to modernize them to accelerate your digital transformation projects? At Hardis Group, we can help you upgrade your legacy information systems, or migrate them to new technology platforms.

Event Driven Architecture: real-time IBM i data exposure

If you are keen to hold on to your AS/400 back-office because it meets your business needs, our Adelia Event Driven Architecture (EDA) platform is the solution for you. It exposes data from legacy information systems in publish-subscribe mode, meaning other applications—BI, Big Data, machine learning, and more—can subscribe to and use data from IBM i systems in real time.

SOA transformation: modular AS/400 applications

With Adelia, you can transform your AS/400 applications into service oriented architecture (SOA) modules, enabling you to future-proof them and open them up to new digital services:

  • Restructure your IBM i applications as business modules
  • Expose the modules as REST web services
  • Integrate the web services into web, mobile or tablet applications (technology-independent)

Get your IBM i applications web-ready

Your AS/400 applications need to be web-ready. Adelia has all the features you need to change the structure of your AS/400 applications:

  • Generation of Java code instead of RPG
  • Transformation of 5250 screens to web screens (HTML and CSS)
  • Migration from client/server mode to cloud mode

Migrate your AS/400 applications to new technologies

Our teams will help you gradually decommission your legacy information systems:

  • Identify which applications can be migrated to new technology platforms
  • Develop new mobile or web services
  • Migrate data, run tests, and manage information system integration