Workplace from Meta facilitates internal communication, information exchange and knowledge sharing, and breaks down silos and borders, while strengthening the corporate culture. We help you implement it, exploit its full potential and get it adopted more quickly by all your employees.

Workplace from Meta: the future of working together

Our expert consultants help you identify the strategic and operational transformation levers associated with using Workplace, while taking into account the digital maturity of your employees:

  • Improving the effectiveness of internal communication
  • Better integration of "deskless workers" (employees not equipped with a computer) into the company project
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise, disseminating good practices and liberating collective intelligence
  • Operational efficiency gains: faster decision-making, fewer emails, etc.
  • Collaborative working: between departments, entities, countries or projects, with your company's ecosystem
  • HR: integrating new employees, employee loyalty, promoting success
  • Strengthening corporate culture

Integration and deployment of Workplace by Meta

Our teams provide support for you as you build a user-centric deployment strategy to make sure Workplace is adopted quickly:

  • Identifying ambassadors (pilot users) to maximize the engagement rate at launch
  • Preparing the platform with predefined groups, themes and audiences, to secure buy-in
  • Defining and implementing the internal communication plan: info points, flyers, posters, videos, e-mailing, etc.
  • Interfacing with other systems: file sharing, video conferencing, ERP, HR, etc.
  • Defining and implementing training techniques: practical guides, tutorials, e-learning, etc.
  • Organizing launch events: an annual company meeting or specific event

Adopting new ways of working

We support you in driving change, so that it is perceived through the benefits of using Workplace:

  • New ways of communicating and exchanging information, similar to the systems already used by your employees in their private lives
  • Ability to interact with anyone in the organization, breaking down silos and hierarchical barriers
  • A system natively designed to be used in mobile situations
  • An alternative to exchanging emails and files
  • Automation of certain tasks and processes through integration with other systems

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