Atlassian provides software to optimize collaborative working and project tracking in teams of all sizes. Its products are used by more than 54,000 companies throughout the world, including Hardis Group since 2011. Backed by our expertise in these tools, we help our customers to deploy, customize and use all Atlassian products, particularly its two flagship tools: JIRA and Confluence.

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JIRA: agile IT development tracking

JIRA Software is used to manage the whole IT development life cycle using agile methods, from sprint planning through to release, including tracking of tasks assigned to each member of your development team.

Hardis Group helps you to install, configure and adapt JIRA to your organization. Our teams can also develop plug-ins to meet your specific needs.

JIRA Service Desk: collaborative business support tool

JIRA Software is a powerful business process management tool for the IS department which includes a JIRA Service Desk for business teams wishing to manage projects in agile mode. Hardis Group also has the necessary expertise to help you implement it in your marketing, sales, after-sales, quality, finance and HR departments and so on.

Confluence: collaborative working tool

Combining the functionality of a knowledge database (Wiki), corporate social network and project management tool, Confluence is used to launch, track and close projects and share the appropriate documents and links. It also makes it easier to group the various document spaces. Finally, it can be used to finely manage access permissions for documents according to the user profiles.

Hardis Group helps you to deploy and customize Confluence according to your needs.

Other software in the Atlassian suite

Our teams are also able to help you deploy the other software in the Atlassian suite:

  • Bitbucket: version manager
  • Bamboo: continuous integration
  • Crucible: code review
  • SourceTree: GIT Client
  • HipChat: instant messaging

Our strengths

  • Practical support capitalizing on feedback from our internal teams
  • The ability to mobilize multi-disciplinary teams of business and IT consultants
  • Proven experience in integrating new solutions in the IS
  • Training: support in learning to use Atlassian tools to ensure you get the most out of them