Data which is efficiently managed and used is a key driver for competitiveness and value creation for businesses. Hardis Group helps you with your strategy for identifying, managing and maximizing the value of data to guide your decisions and optimize and automate your business processes.

Consolidating and capitalizing on existing data

Digital transformation has led to a spectacular increase in data volume. Hardis Group consultants help you to:

  • Identify, localize and consolidate data which can help to create value
  • Create data repositories and define exchange and update methods
  • Develop new applications capitalizing on raw and/or enriched data
  • Deploy decision-making solutions: Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics
  • Define and implement business indicators in order to manage operations more efficiently
  • Develop your value proposition and put new digital services in place

Our methodology, which is based on workshops and meetings, defines an overall customized management strategy for your data which is tailored to your challenges, objectives and needs.

Accelerating and optimizing decision making

The analysis and cross-referencing of internal, external (social networks, Internet, Internet of things, etc.) and time-series data also provides specific information on problems, savings opportunities and/or optimization possibilities.

Hardis Group helps you to exploit and process your data and put in place business process optimization and continuous improvement plans:

  • Prescriptive solutions: suggested action plans based on the analyses carried out and interpreted using business rules
  • Predictive solutions: maintenance operations required, sales and behavior predictions, etc.

Automating and optimizing business processes in real time

The final stage of data use is the real-time automation of business processes, providing unprecedented levels of adaptability, responsiveness and performance. Hardis Group helps you to implement solutions for dynamic resource allocation, problem alerting and automatic correction, test automation and process optimization through machine learning (artificial intelligence).

Our consultants provide you with their expertise in the main cross-functional areas (marketing, supply chain, HR, etc.) acquired particularly through working with customers in the industry, energy, insurance, distribution and health sectors.