Providing satisfaction to the most demanding and volatile consumers is leading supermarkets, specialist distribution and luxury goods companies to rethink customer relationships as a whole, in order to provide personalized customer paths. Hardis Group retail experts help you to define and deploy your omni-channel digital strategy.

Building a privileged and integrated relationship with your customers, whatever the channels

Your customer is unique and expects to be respected. We help you to devise and offer a rich and interactive customer journey with an increasing number of personalized offerings and services on the Internet, mobile devices or at your retail outlets.

  • Customer journey analysis: get to know your customer better by understanding their behavior from their initial web search through to them walking into the store
  • CRM and 360° knowledge of the customer: regroup, structure and analyze customer data from your different systems and software in order to offer them consistent and personalized services, whatever the channel
  • Connected store: offer new services on the e-commerce channel to attract your customer to the store and win their loyalty
  • Digital performance: analyze and improve the performance of your sales tools channels in terms of numbers and e-reputation
  • Predictive analysis: anticipate the current and future requirements of your customers according to your marketing actions and external factors

Providing a differentiating and human digital experience!

Hardis Group helps you to implement innovative technologies for your connected customers:

  • New web-to-store services: checking stock, reserving products, making an appointment, etc.
  • Connected store: store assistants with tablets, interactive terminals, indoor geolocation, geofencing, augmented reality, etc.

We design and develop your web, mobile phone, terminal and tablet applications and integrate them into your information system.

Making a success of your digital transformation also means providing support for people and developing a new service culture within your company. That is why we have entered into committed partnerships with Grenoble Ecole de Management and Académie du Service.

Logistics performance at the core of the customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction also means quality and impeccable delivery punctuality in line with their expectations:

  • Inventory accuracy: pooling of inventory between different sales channels, setting up of local inventory, inter-store transfers, direct supplier delivery, etc.
  • Click and collect, collection from a pick-up point, drive-through collection, home or workplace delivery
  • Possibility of exchanging an item purchased online in a store or taking it to a store for a refund, etc.

Our Reflex WMS suite can manage your cross-channel logistics processes to make your supply chain into a competitive advantage worldwide.

In parallel, our solutions, innovations and services around predictive analytics take advantage of big data technologies for you to be one jump ahead as you predict consumer behavior, and adapt your processes and operations, to give better satisfaction.

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