With a turnover of € 62.1 million in 2014, the company recorded a growth of 8.5% compared to 2013. Operating profit, which represents about 6.5 % of sales, increased by 15 %, confirming the relevance of the strategic choices made as part of the Horizon 2015 three-year plan.

Hardis, a digital services company and software publisher, announces its results for 2014. Revenues reached €62.1 million, up by 8.5% on 2013 (€57.2 million). Operating profit was up 15%, reaching 4.04 million, against 3.5 million in 2013. For this second year of its Horizon 2015 three-year plan, Hardis has met its objectives in terms of turnover and improved profitability. For the financial year 2015, the group is aiming for growth above 8% of its turnover and an operating margin of around 7%.

Supply chain and services: still driving growth

With a turnover of nearly €42 million, up 7 % compared to 2013, services account for 68% of this year's overall activity. Among the largest increases: services around the Cloud that have jumped by over 25% and digitizing services which grew by nearly 50%.

The software publishing business in the field of logistics has seen growth of 13.1%, with a turnover of €20 million, representing 32 % of the company's overall. The health of this sector is based on real developments of the software suite Reflex, especially through the integration of features designed to help people involved in the supply chain to better manage cross-channel logistics.

"The growth recorded again this year confirms the appropriateness of the momentum begun in early 2013, says Nicolas Odet, Hardis Group Executive Vice President. Our restructured offer meets the expectations of our target markets: insurance & e-health, distribution, energy & industry, and logistics and transportation providers".

A strategic course maintained

In 2015, Hardis Group will stay on the course set it two years ago as part of a three-year plan and continue its transformation to providing global support for its customers across the entire digital value chain. This will still be based on four strategic areas: supply chain performance, digitizing services, management and transformation of information systems and optimizing customer experience.

"With the rise of digital, omni-channel and connected devices, the needs of our customers are changing very quickly. This is why in 2015 we will be continuing our joint creation initiatives based on innovations and training courses leading to qualifications, with our customers and our partner ecosystem", Nicolas Odet continues.

The transformation of information systems is a "business driver" that will remain an import feature of Hardis Group's activity in 2015. In parallel to this, the focus will also be on customer paths and relations, particularly as part of Predictive Analytics and Smart Data projects. "Changing information systems and appropriate use of data to serve the business needs of our clients, will undoubtedly be important growth drivers for Hardis Group in 2015," Nicolas Odet concludes.

Hardis Group Annuals: a turnover of € 62.1 million, up by 8.5%