Creating business value through the digitization of services

Digitizing services first means clearly defining one's service portfolio to determine which service can create more value by becoming e-services. It also means imagining new, differentiating "digital native" services. Hardy Group helps you from start to finish in this process, from building services to developing and managing digital applications.

Make a success of your transformation through and to services

We are in a service economy where we consume goods associated with services or composed services. A major challenge is to integrate, often with partners, contractualize and manage the quality of services, and the promise made to the customer.

We help you develop a service culture within your business and assist people in this transformation. The digital boom requires the role of the human in the customer relationship and customer paths to be rethought. Sales people, for example, become counselors: they must be trained to offer value-added services to independent and demanding customers.


Integrating digital technology into your business strategy

Digital technology, integrated into strategic thinking, allows us to offer innovative services (think digital) and transform customer relationships. Digital technology is also a service industrialization lever to demonstrate excellence for basic services.

We help you to structure and organize your portfolio of digital solutions and to industrialize delivery of them. We guide and perform in parallel the transformation of your IT to support and accelerate that of your business while integrating the experience capitalized into your information system at the heart of web, mobile and tablet applications.

Designing, developing and managing digital applications

To speed up the time to market of your business-oriented application solutions, the integration of new e-services into your IS, and the development of your web, mobile and tablet applications, we start by structuring your data repositories (MDM).

We make your projects our own: they capitalize on the expertise of our staff and a methodology developed over hundreds of missions, and are based on our multi-technology software development industrialization platform. Your projects can be carried out in our regional service centers or by delegating our staff into your teams.

Digital Project Approach

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