With Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT and its image recognition and analysis technology, Hardis Group is paving the way to a new generation of applications for the supply chain using machine-learning mechanisms. Co-innovated with an international client for one of its warehouses, the application is used to create a real-time digital twin of a warehouse and exploit the data to optimize certain processes, detect issues, make the right decisions and automate low-value-added tasks.

Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company and independent software vendor, unveils Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT. This new application creates a digital twin of a real-life logistics situation using automatic visual recognition technology to identify objects and assets in warehouses, factories and stores. The aim is to analyze activity using digital twin data to improve logistics processes and make the right decisions. As the first component of a platform called X.Insights, Vision Insights is the first step in Hardis Group's strategy to offer supply chain players value-added applications incorporating emerging technologies such as IoT/Edge Computing, cognitive services (visual, voice recognition, etc.) and learning-based modeling.

Digitizing the warehouse with digital twins

Using visual recognition technology on images taken by fixed or on-board cameras (AGV, truck, Hardis Group's Eyesee inventory drone, etc.), Vision Insights creates a real-time digital twin of the warehouse. This digital twin has numerous applications in the field of logistics: process analysis and improvement, end-to-end traceability of pallets and packages in the warehouse or factory, and automatic detection of safety issues (incorrectly positioned AGV, operator not wearing PPE, etc.) or problems (wet cartons, damaged packages, inconsistent occupancy rate, etc.).

"The project involved automating real-time operational priority management on our client's receiving docks, particularly for pallets with a turnaround time of under two hours. What was a completely manual process is now monitored by Vision Insights, generating data that can be subsequently used in dashboards", explains Ariel Maor, senior product manager at Hardis Group.

Generating, exploiting and using data

The digital representation of the site (warehouse, factory, store) transforms real-life situations into data which can be used in any information system, particularly in business intelligence tools (subsequent analysis) or exploration and modeling tools (predictive modeling) to guide strategic decision-making for supply chain managers.

Vision Insights is the first component of a global platform called X.Insights which will soon incorporate IoT Insights, an application dedicated to Track&Trace, and Language Insights, which extracts value-added data from natural language and documents.

Available in SaaS mode, Vision Insights is the first supply chain-dedicated Edge Computing application to provide dashboards and modeling specific to each analyzed area. Based on a Nutanix Xi IoT and Cloud (Google Cloud Platform) infrastructure, the application incorporates API, enabling it to interconnect with numerous systems and serve multiple logistics use cases in warehouses, factories and stores.

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