Applying for a job with Hardis Group

To apply for a job with Hardis Group, you can reply directly to our job offers, or you can send a spontaneous ("on spec") application. We have a diversified recruitment policy ranging from profiles with very little experience to expert profiles.

Our recruitment process: simple and effective

Once we receive your CV and covering letter:

  • Your application will be examined and processed by our HR department, in light of our operational needs.

If your profile as described matches the skills we are looking for, one of our recruitment officers will call you directly for a pre-qualification:

  • HR will  then conduct an interview to assess your reasons for applying and your personal interaction skills.
  • This will be followed by an interview with operating personnel or managers. It is in this interview that professional skills and technical knowledge is probed more thoroughly.

Technical and foreign language tests may be set.

Are you applying in response to a job offer / or applying on spec?

Applying for a job offer: click on the offer that interests you, then on the "Reply to this offer" button.

Send a spontaneous application: fill in the Job application form

Recruitment by means of internships and vocational cooperative programs: you are our future!

Every year, Hardis Group offers internships and/or vocational cooperative programs.

An opportunity for you to develop your potential and to acquire your first professional experience. And then, why not get your first job with us?

During your internship or vocational stint with Hardis Group, you will:

  • discover Hardis Group's business lines and its corporate culture and values
  • develop your skills
  • take an active part in corporate life
  • take part in developing operational and client projects
  • be closer to the opportunities for joining the company!